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    PFC Seige (UL)
    PFC Seige (UL)

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    Post  PFC Seige (UL) on Mon Sep 26, 2011 11:21 pm

    Halo player we have partnered with the Halo clan United Legends.

    The UNITED LEGENDS CLAN was formed to be more like a family than clan. Created with the purpose of bringing a group of talented friends together to fight as a team and combine all the different fighting styles and skills into one elite group of players.Teamwork,Communication as well as knowing your other teammates fighting styles is some of the keys to our success in battles.Makes for a lot more fun when there is no sense of competition amongst the clan.Clan works as a unit rather than a bunch of individuals running around doing there own thing. Whether it's sharing points scored or just protection while you reload.It's great knowing that your team is watching your back as you watch theirs.We believe the TEAM as a whole wins the battles and shares the glory of a win an/or disappointment of a rare defeat.

    If you are interested visit the UL site:

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