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    Third h\Halo story


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    Third hHalo story

    Post  Hawkthorn on Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:55 pm

    As the spartan runs through the thick jungle on reach he could feel the heat of the plasma fire fly by barley missing the his helmet. His heart throbbing from the intense sprinting. As he jumps over a fallen tree and draws his M45 shot he waits and his patience is met with 3 jackals over stepping the tree. He takes aim and drops each jackal before the first shotgun shell hits the ground. He stands back up with a horrifying expression that is covered by the reflective gold visor. Almost six platoons of each of the covenant rankings including elites, hunters, jackals, and grunts. The spartan makes quick footwork and then using the trees as cover. "Quickly we have him on the run" shouts an elite motioning forward the troops. As the spartan comes to the clearing he is met with the most beautiful site a person could see in that situation. Three scorpion tanks with full shells loaded into the barrel of the massive cannon and marines settled in the 50 caliber machine gun turret. Turning his head to left he notices the brief shutter of what looked to be moving grass. he then notices the srs 99 sniper protruding from the hills. Then in the middle of the clearing the biggest base he has ever seen. He is met by a very stout man buzz hair cut strong jaw but very intimidating, but anyone who wasn't an alien he was happy to see. "Where are you coming from son, what's your regiment" demanded the man. "I'm Peter Decklond" he states still gasping for air from all the running. " I was placed as the leader of a small infiltration squad to take the enemies AI for further study, the whole thing backfired and got all five of them killed, my shields were the only thing that saved my life." "I'm corporal Maxius and I'm in charge of this base." The spartan now regained his breath but was still on edge. The enemy was right on his tail and they have yet to break the clearing. "The enemy where are they?" peter asks. "We didn't get any detection from our radars. Look you go get cleaned up and get ready and when get a reading I'll let you know then you can get your revenge on those lizard looken bastards." As the spartan walked into the mess hall his eyes meet with every marine in the room. He walks past all of the hissing and murmurs from the marines and walks into the lockers. As Peter showers the mission ran through his head like a skipping record. He watched every way each ODST died. Those were his comrades, it was a spartan's duty to get the mission done and get everyone out alive. Jasper died with a charged plasma pistol to the face, maddie with a needle explosions almost tearing her in half. The worst was hearing a Ken scream in agony as a hunter caved his ribs into his organs. He was gonna kill that fucker with his bare hands. After his shower he strolled down to the armory to see what the base had in its arsenal. There was the normal standard issue weapons like the MA5B assault rifle and M6D pistol. With a few strange guns like why would there be a spartan laser without anyone in the base qualified to wield it. He payed no more attention to it and grabbed four M9 high dual explosive grenades, then the BR55HB battle rifle and enough ammo to take out all the covenant fucks that killed his men, and then the M45 shot gun he came in with. After the multiple times it saved his life on the way to this base he would never let go of it. The shot gun had a very distinguished gash in the side of the barrel. A permanent reminder of the close call he had with an elite on the mission. The elite drew a plasma sword and slashed with the force of a freight train. "He may have taken a chunk out of the gun but i got his hand" peter said with a smerk. He then grabbed two light SMGs and placed them on his thighs. Alarms start to blair. "All hands grab your weapons and report outside for duty we have to welcome out visitors." Peter was ready and out for blood. He then ran out to join the marines and was shocked to notice he was not the only spartan in the group better yet he knew her. Kelly, but before he could greet her the corporal screeched over the air horn "men we must hold this base it has to much of a tactical advantage on the enemy." Thats when he noticed the elite emerge from the thick of the forest baring his energy sword with the only hand he had left. It was the elite peter had encountered before he had to leave his mission. Not to be the only one to emerge it looked the forces of the enemy have quadrupled. It was quiet but not silent because peter could hear a slight humming noise. Then before he knew it banshees were flying over head, ghosts and wraiths appeared out of the thick jungle. This was going to be a battle for the ages.
    As Peter is ducking, running and jumping over every incoming projectile. Being splashed with the sticky violet blood of the covenant he has only one goal, get to her. As he finally makes it to the mortally wounded body of his childhood love so many things run through the biotic enhanced brain of his. "Peter I'm cold" whispers Kelly. Peter can hear the life slipping away from under his breath. "Shut up Kelly your going to be fine!" The woman he fell in love with since the day he began spartan training was about to die in his arms. As Kelly's breathing slowed and then a complete stop. Peter, a spartan, the one force that could not show fear that could not show weakness cried at the loss of the woman who he had tried so hard to end this war for. He removes her helmet closes her eyes and removes her dog tags. Without warning the elite that peter had taken the hand from had his energy sword less than inch away from his neck. Something triggered inside peter, the way he sidestepped the attack and had his hand on the elite's throat was almost graceful. He then shoved his SMG down the elite's throat and held the trigger till the monster's head was almost completely removed from the rest of his body. Peter than runs to the ridge where he saw the sniper's position earlier and takes the srs 99 rifle off the chard body of the marine sniper. He notices how close the covenant are to the base and it's stationary MAC gun which is why the heavy armament hasn't made its way out of the clearing. He takes aim on the incoming forces focusing each sniper shot on the head of the elite while the marines mock up the rest of smaller units. When almost all the initial waved had been taken out from the combined force of the amazing and rage fueled sniping of the spartan he then noticed something that could be avoided. The massive ground units the hunters were forming a wall to guard the less armored units. Than to add onto the problem banshees were making another round most like to bomb the tanks and mac gun. The spartan blitzes off the ridge and makes his way to the tanks and opens the hatch. "Move over if you want to live" he gestures the marines to move out and take cover behind the tank. Peter was going to have one shot at this. He shoots the banshees out of the air one by one, but he was shooting them in the exact location to send them crashing taking out multiple hunters. He then cleared the hunters but as he exist the tank he notices the marines he told to take cover had also been killed from a falling banshee. More deaths that peter blames himself for. Noticing the incoming forces and how little UNSC forces there was and removes the shot gun from his back. He looks at the gash one more time to remind him what had got him to this point in time and where he was going. With all other thought now out of his head and nothing but pure blood lust fueled the spartan. Running into the battle Peter takes 2 grunts out with a single spread of shotgun fire. Barely ducking out of the way of a elite swinging his gun around like a club the spartan places the barrel of his shotgun under the elites chin pulling the trigger being covered in blood like a sprinkler. He then takes the body of the fallen elite and uses it as a battering ram running through to get to the heart of the formation. Shell after shell the covenant drop like flies. He then comes face to face with covenant elite but this elite was different his armor was not in the UNSC database. He pulls up his shot gun"click" it was out of ammo. He pulls up his battle rifle but before he could fire a shot the elite had his hand on the barrel and bent it a full 90 degrees. He then felt a sharp pain in his stomach as he looked down he saw the massive elite hand in his stomach. The spartan than matched that pain and gave the elite a knee to the chest and was able to get away. As the spartan was running clenching his most likely bleeding stomach he couldn't get the feeling of Kelly out of his head. Thats when he felt it the most horrible pain he's felt since the genetic augmentation. The elite had fired what felt like a rocket made out of plasma. The cocky elite walks over to pick the spartan up by the neck. "Even the toughest warriors in human history can not seem to match my strength." Peter starts to laugh and laugh. "Whats so funny!" the elite demands. "This" it is then the elite feels the cold circle of the shotgun press against his chest plate. The elite falls wondering how he manage to kill him. What he did't see was peter picking up one of his unfired shotgun shells from when he was running earlier that day. As the spartan continues to laugh he feels a wave of relief come over him. The spartan was now going to join his love one forever and nothing was going to be able to take away his sweet release.


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    Re: Third h\Halo story

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    Good work


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