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    Sony Console Forum Rules - PLEASE READ


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    Sony Console Forum Rules - PLEASE READ Empty Sony Console Forum Rules - PLEASE READ

    Post  Kimashura on Tue May 24, 2011 7:00 pm

    Alright, some simple rules here. Nothing too complicated, just making sure that everyone here on this forum enjoys their experience!

    1. No Spamming: Pretty much going off-topic, linking to sites that have nothing to do with anything, and so on. One-worded posts will be considered as spam and dealt with as so.

    2. No Flaming: Like I said, I want everyone's experience to be enjoyable, and flaming just makes things worse. Flaming includes calling people names, starting arguments, and baiting.

    3. No swearing: I'm cool with hell, damn, and other minor swear words, but please refrain from using the big swear words like the f-word, b-word, etc. If you don't know if a word is acceptable, please just ask.

    4. No double posts: This means posting twice or more in a row right after another. If it's been a day or two since you posted, and no one else has posted then you may post again.

    5. Respect each others opinions: As you can see, this is a PS3 forum and people will have opinions that you probably won't agree with. If you disagree, say so and state why you disagree. Please do not just go "Your idea is stupid, you're so stupid for saying that!"

    Remember, this is a Sony forum. I do not want to see Microsoft or Nintendo fanboys coming here and bashing PS3. Of course, fanboys of all sort are welcome here, just so long as everyone behaves.

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